Social Media Advertising Agency about sociology and psychology more than technology. 

It is hard to believe how social media has offered effective advertising solutions. Besides, it has also gained massive popularity among users.

The social media stretch includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more. They have also changed the way of communication and engagement. 

We have enormous experience and all the tools to run a successful Social media campaign. We are a well-known Social Media Advertising Agency in Pune


Social Media advertising is one of the many online marketing strategies. It allows promoting one’s product or service on social platforms. 

The basic concept in this is of developing content, image or video. So that the users can watch and share the content on that particular platform. 

Social Media Marketing campaign helps a brand with promotion, lead generation and awareness. Besides it also helps to get increased website traffic.

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Why Social Media Marketing is required?

You can use the most relevant social platforms to display your advertisement. And thus, it will be visible to the most specific target market of your product or service. But when and why you should opt for social media advertising service?

Social media advertising campaign runs on different social media platforms. And thus the leads generated on different platforms are of different types. Also, the different platform charges different cost.

Many time companies do advertisings on social media channel to generate leads. And the sales happen on their landing page or on eCommerce website. Although, social media advertisements are not always meant to make direct sales. And thus, experts use social media advertising campaign to facilitate sales. 

Marketing Pundits defines Social media ads as a tool to generate brand awareness. They explain it as the advertisement which reaches a particular set of people. That particular set of people you want to target and build awareness among them.

Before purchasing the final product, a customer always has a shortlisted brand list. And this list is often called as consideration set. 

Social media advertising service helps a brand to generate enough awareness about it. And thus the customer may include your brand in his product and brand consideration set.


DigiSuave Solution is a well renowned social media advertising company in Pune. We do thorough research on our client’s business. We study about their product, keywords, target audience, demographics and competitor. 

And in the end, we launch their social media advertising campaign based on our findings.


By displaying you advertisement in the most relevant social platforms, it is visible to the most specific target market. But when and why you should opt for social media advertising service?

Unlike much other online marketing tools, social media advertisings give a prompt result. Many digital marketing campaigns take weeks or months to show results. On the other hand, Social Media Marketing gives instant result. 

Social media ads make it easy to find out what works before you invest more money.

As soon as you start the campaign it goes live and starts diverting traffic to your website. Our social media marketing company ensures a smooth social media ad campaign and a high ROI.

Social media ads make it easy to find out what works before you invest more money. You can continue your social ad campaign if you are satisfied with its previous performance else you are free to stop it at any moment.

You have the liberty to schedule the campaign time. You can schedule your ad campaign during the rush hour of surfing on the social platform. to receive the best output.

The best thing about social media ads is that you can have proper control over your campaign. And thus you can control the cost and the target audience of the campaign. Besides you can also control the demographics of your audience.


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